Diabetes can be cured or easily managed with diet and exercises

I have been practicing since my joining, all prescribed exercises and Zumba dance for nearly two hours between 5.30am to 7.30 am and between 7.10pm to 7.40pm daily, regularly and systematically under the able guidance’s of Dr. MV Prasad, Vasanth and Shiny teacher.

Before joining the Heal Wellness Group during February, 2021, I was taking medicines for diabetes.

My Hb A1 C when I joined the group during February, 2021was 7.0 and now it is 6.4., FBS was 115 and now it is 84. PPBS before joining the group was 145 and now it is 102. My tablets for diabetes is now reduced to one fourth of what I used to take before joining. Before joining the group, I had swellings in both legs while traveling long distances and now there are no swellings in the legs after traveling long distances. I had earlier general weakness and tiredness in the body before joining the group and now I feel fully active.

When I joined the group, it was considered diabetes as an incurable disease. Now I can confidently say that diabetes can be cured or easily managed with diet and exercises as learnt from the classes taught by esteemed Dr.MV Prasad. Dr. M V Prasad is a very good expert of diabetes enriched from his wide experiences and innovative thinking. Vasanthattan and Shiny teacher, other members of his team are also experts in their field and dedicated. I am indeed highly grateful to Dr.MV Prasad, Vasanthattan and Shiny teacher for curing my diabetes and making me healthy.

Thank you very much.

Sasthamangalam house,
Champakulam Alappuzha-688505

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